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A practical proposal to reduce wasteful methane emissions in the oil and gas sector

Feb 15, 2022


A quick win before the Sharm El-Sheikh COP27 meeting in November 2022

At COP26, the European Union and the United States announced a Global Methane Pledge to drastically cut emissions of this potent greenhouse gas. It is supported by 100+ governments, the EBRD, and philanthropies. A practical proposal to reduce wasteful methane emissions in the oil and gas sector is set out in a Blog and Note published by the Center for Global Development, Washington DC. This involves: producing countries who would see local benefits; donors/MDBs who would provide financial and technical assistance; the IMF in its surveillance and tax policy advice; and efforts to ensure that satellite data remain in the public domain. It can provide an early win for the government of Egypt as Chair of COP27.

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