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Interview of Sir Mark Moody-Stuart with Gulf Intelligence

May 06, 2020

Oil & Gas Industry

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of EnergyCC, shares his personal views on the oil market, dividend cuts by the international oil majors, long-term cashflows from renewables, international relationships with China, vulnerabilities in alternative energy supply chains, the opportunity for hydrogen.

Sir Mark shares his personal views on the energy market:

  • Flat demand outlook will transform the oil market from a price driven market to a normal commodity market, where lowest cost producers  drive the market
  • Dividend cuts by the international oil majors enable them to make 'bolder bets' on the future of energy.
  • Low carbon energy provide opportunities for long-term cashflow, if the challenges of initial investment hurdles can be overcome.
  • Now is not the time to throw bricks at China, business can maintain stability in a fractious political world. It takes wisdom to stay calm and maintain dialogue to further develop mutually beneficial contacts and contracts. 
  • A massive switch to electrification may expose vulnerabilities in alternative energy supply chains.
  • Hydrogen as an alternative storage and transportation fuel, has a promising future whereby hydrocarbon feedstock can provide the transition towards green hydrogen. 




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