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UNU-WIDER publishes EnergyCC's first paper on the impact of natural gas emissions

Jan 29, 2021

Oil & Gas Industry

An evaluation of the Social Cost of Atmospheric Release (SCAR) from global natural gas flaring and venting

In January 2021, the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) published breakthrough research, financed by Norway, on capturing value from gas leakage – one on evaluation and the other on solutions. A first paper establishes a framework that can integrate data from multiple sources to establish the magnitude and trends of flaring and venting in oil and gas operations. In order to assess the impact of these emissions on air quality, health, and climate, the paper adapts Professor Drew Shindell’s integrated Social Cost of Atmospheric Release (SCAR) to show these atmospheric releases and their social impact in a consistent representation.

For more information, see also: https://energycc.com/blogs/capturing-economic-and-social-value-from-hydrocarbon-gas-flaring-evaluation-of-the-issues.html 


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