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Conference: Think development – Think WIDER

Sep 18, 2018



UNU-WIDER Development Conference held in Helsinki 13-15 September 2018, showcased UNU-WIDER, its work, and the many people and institutions that are engaged with it.

The conference held panel discussions on all of the main themes and findings of UNU-WIDER’s research during 2009-18 — finance, food and climate change; and transformation, inclusion and sustainability.  It took stock of what had been learned, looked to the future of development economics, and global development more broadly, serving as a bridge to fresh UNU-WIDER initiatives, aiming to mobilize evidence and action around the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

September 13-15, 2018, United Nations University, UNU-WIDER, Helsinki

Kathryn McPhail was speaking at the official launch of an OUP Open Access book on Extractive Industries The Management of Natural Resources as a Driver for Sustainable Development, edited by Tony Addison and Alan Roe.  

UNU-WIDER Working Paper - Summary
Enhancing sustainable development from oil, gas, and mining 

From an ‘all of government’ approach to Partnerships for Development 

This paper outlines how sustainable development in resource-rich countries requires an ‘all of government’ approach as well as multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships between government, companies, and civil society organizations.  Effective management and regulation requires many different line agencies of government to work together and in partnership with corporate and other stakeholders to achieve sustainable development.

The paper focuses on the need for an agreed set of data and analysis showing the current and potential future contributions of the natural resources sector at the national and local levels.  It addresses a regrettable truth that, in some countries, there is a lack of trust between different stakeholder interests, and probes how collaboration between these stakeholders can mitigate the negative impacts of resource development and enhance its potential positive contributions, particularly at the local level and where the governance context is weak.  The paper identifies three important steps toward sustainable development: creating an evidence base to facilitate cross-government coordination; building trust through multi-stakeholder dialogue; and building Partnerships for Development.

Download the full paper here:

You may be interested in this recent OUP book, which is Open Access (free to download):

There is more on the launch of the book in Helsinki here: 


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