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Seminar: The IoT Era/The Future is Now Envision

Apr 20, 2018



On 20th April 2018, Envision Energy held "The Future Is Now" seminar, supported by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Enterprise Singapore. The seminar focused on the latest developments in digital technologies and how these impact New Energy.

April 20, 2018 - Events, The St. Regis Singapore

Lord Adair Turner, Chairman, Institute for New Economic Thinking, provided the Keynote Address: “Towards An Era of 90% Renewable Energy World: Mission Possible?”.  Kathryn McPhail of EnergyCC provided a plenary presentation on New Energy and Renewables Value Chains.  Several more presentations and panel sessions followed this full-day event.  During the event, Envision which owns the leading Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) platform, EnOS™, and is the second largest smart wind turbine manufacturer in China, unveiled its strategic partnerships with Singapore leading companies and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with En-trak Pte Ltd, an award-winning Smart Building IoT technology company, to jointly explore collaboration and development opportunities regarding smart building energy management applications in the region using EnOS™ platform. 

EnergyCC presented solution paths to resolving the identified areas of friction.  These solutions have most impact if they are adopted across the whole value chain, such as a digital platform that brings together project developers and financiers, increasing visibility and opportunities for collaboration. The renewables portfolio in the region is highly diverse and comprises many companies and projects. A key hurdle in risk reduction and performance enhancement across the sector is a much-needed mindset change that emphasises growth of the renewables sector over the current fragmentation that is due to a singular focus on competition at the expense of collaboration.


In the visual representation shown below, EnergyCC’s focus is on increasing the competitiveness of the renewables industry through collaboration. By being more competitive overall, the renewables industry will grow faster, with more projects and increased profitability, and this will benefit all participants in the value chain (“more focus on growing the pie than dividing the pie”).    




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